Create or edit method

Using this interface, you can register any WPS service or create JavaScript method or create DAG method, which can contain any already registered methods.
All required instruction concerning method creation will popup along the creation process.

"WPS service - register remote WPS service, so it can be used in other methods or by itself. JavaScript method - write actual code of the future method, using already available methods in the system"(?)


Params groups





IMPORTANT Before filling the function body, define input parameters
IMPORTANT Input values are provided in the input object. For example, values of input parameters "a" and "b" will be available as input.a and input.b. When it comes to returning output, for example, we got an output field with the name "result", its value has to be set through the mapping object in following way: mapping.output.set(VALUE).
Press to construct function wrapper based on entered parameters